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Best In Qatar

Opera Pastry is one of the well known brands of Food Services Company; a family owned and operated business. It is one of the primary and known Pastry Providers all over Doha Qatar that caters fresh sandwiches, salties, croissants, tarts, breads, chocolates, cakes and a lot more.

Opera Patisserie is a dedicated and well established manufacturer of highest quality products and promotes excellent services. It has expanded rapidly over the years since 1997, improving its existing products and innovating varied new products.

he Opera Patisserie has twelve (12) branches all over Qatar, The Mall in year 1997, Landmark in year 1999, Alsadd in year 2000, Hamad in year 2005, Muaither in year 2006, Umm Salal in year 2009, Al Rayyan in year 2010, Al Hilal in year 2011, Airport Branch in year 2014, Messaimeer Pastry in year 2015, Al Wakhra and Al Aziziya in year 2016 and soon to raise @ Muiather this year as additional to our existing shop to accommodate our customers.

Our Goal

Opera Rotisserie’s goal is to recognize and to satisfy all the needs, wants of our customers and also to reach the expectations of our new and loyal customers by providing great quality products and value with outstanding services as well which food safety is ensured. Over 80 products and products lines are offered throughout the market and are mostly loved by pastry- lovers in Doha, making it best sellers amongst our selling units.

Opera Patisserie is recognized and accredited through the implementations of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP) which starts with receiving raw materials, preparation, packaging and delivering to customers.

We are committed to our corporate culture which is Customer Satisfaction through quality and safety of products and services. To continually improve our Quality and Food Safety Management System, committed to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, producing safe food and free from contamination through using high tech equipment’s and high qualified staff, application of good manufacturing practice and other pre requisite programs which help us to apply the food safety management system completely and effectively.

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