Food Service Company – FSC

The Epic Journey of Food Services Company

From Local Roots to Culinary Heights...

Established in 1997, as a family venture by Mr. Qais Al Saleh and Mr. Mubarak Jassim Al-Groon, FSC began as a local catering service and has since evolved into a comprehensive culinary solutions provider renowned for our high-quality food, beverages, and professional catering services.

Over the years, our expansion has been both organic and strategic, Opera and Take Away’s success started with the launch of Opera Cafe at The Mall, then moving into well-known coffee shops and restaurants all across Doha. After years of Success, FSC opened its Catering division named after Opera Catering which was launched in the year 1999.

As a proud Qatari company, we’ve achieved international recognition by obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications, reinforcing our commitment to quality and safety.

Our journey is best reflected in our growth: from a small team of 50, we now employ over 800 dedicated professionals across our 8 Takeaway Shops, 9 Pastry Shops, and robust Catering operation, all under the Food Services Company umbrella.

We proudly serve diverse occasions, including corporate and public events, private parties, weddings, and more.

Our Vision

To establish our position as the premier Food & Beverage Company in Qatar, we aim to provide our customers with premium products and value-added services at competitive prices, while ensuring the sustainability and profitability of our organization.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to excellence in all we do: sourcing only the finest ingredients for our recipes, exceeding our guests culinary expectations, and providing unrivaled customer service, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

We are devoted to…


Our company culture encourages everyone in our team to reach their full potential, enhancing their skills to deliver exceptional teamwork.


We meticulously source the finest ingredients to craft products that tantalize the palate without compromising nutritional value.


Our brands—Take Away Restaurant, Opera Patisserie, and Opera Catering—are distinct yet unified, each dedicated to delivering outstanding results and unparalleled customer experiences..


We believe that Qatar deserves the best culinary offerings in the food and beverage industry. We strive to meet and exceed this standard with our diverse and nutritionally balanced creations.


In a highly competitive marketplace, we understand that excellent customer service is key to standing out. We work tirelessly to ensure our customers feel respected and valued at all times.

Our Expert Team

We set high standards for our team, encouraging them to leverage the latest technology and customer service techniques. FSC provides regular training on subjects including HACCP, food safety, ISO 9001 & 22000, first aid, fire safety, customer service, machine safety, and defensive driving to ensure our team delivers exceptional service to our customers.